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Privacy Policy for Junk Cars KY

Junk Cars KY maintains this Privacy Policy to help our customers and visitors understand what data we track, how it is used, and what safety procedures are in place. Please contact us directly to make changes to how your data is used.

Cookies and Tracking

This site uses “cookies” in order to improve your access to our site and identify repeat visitors. Cookies are stored via your browser and may give you benefits such as limiting the number of times you’ll need to login to access our site. 

‌Cookies allow us to track interests of our users and this data guides our improvement of offerings and services. Cookies are not linked to any personally identifiable information on our site. If there is any such data that may lead to an identification, this data is removed or disregarded when the cookie is analyzed.

Sharing and Security Policies

Junk Cars KY may share aggregated demographic information with partners or advertisers. This is designed to improve your overall experience. 

‌Your personally identifiable information is never shared with any third-party; it may be shared with one of our direct partners but only after you give us specific permission. 

‌ When you sign up for services that may include an outside party, such as a delivery company or an offer from our partner, we only provide the necessary data for the completion of your activity. Please review privacy policies of any partners or offers so you understand how data may be used by those companies. 

‌All of your data is stored, accessed, and transmitted using secure servers and technology such as SSL. Our goal is to provide as much protection as reasonably possible every time we receive, access, or share any information related to you, other customers, or our services.


To provide you with a great, informative Web experience we will provide links to other sites. While these are often our partners, please understand that we are not responsible for the content or privacy policies and practices of those sites. 

‌Junk Cars KY encourages you to read the privacy policies of any website you visit in order to best understand what is being collected and performed with your data.

This Is a Living Document

This Privacy Policy for Junk Cars KY may change over time. We will periodically update it to ensure your data has the most relevant protections and that you have a proper understanding of how data is used when our services change. 

‌Junk Cars KY may make changes to this document without prior notice. Please check back regularly to ensure that you know how your data is handled. We will try to provide notices when this policy updates but please note that this is not always possible.